European Removals

Guide To Quick, Safe & Cost-Effective International Movers

What can you Expect when Dealing with a European Removals Company for the First Time


No matter which European country you are moving from or to, you will likely have to deal with a European removals company. These types of companies can be very easy to work with most of the time, simply because they have so much experience moving people from one European country to another. Here are just a few things you can expect.

Easy to schedule removals -- Most European removals are easy to schedule simply because moving from one EU country to another is like moving within the same country. There are no borders and there is no need to fill in customs paperwork or other import and export forms.

Simply schedule your move, the truck will arrive to pick up your belongings on the day you agreed upon, and your move itself will take place shortly after.

What you need to decide -- With any European removals you need to decide if you are going to take all your current belongings with you or just some of them.

Every European removal will be charged depending on where you are moving to and how many things you have, so do try to pare down if necessary to cut costs. After all, if you have not used something for a year or two, then why are you going to move it to another European country?

Do you only need a partial truck? -- If you can pare down your belongings quite a bit, you could end up doing your European removal with only half of a truck. That means you share the truck with someone else who is also moving to the same country, thus cutting the costs for both of you.

If you do this, just be aware that it can take a little bit longer for your belongings to arrive.