European Removals

Guide To Quick, Safe & Cost-Effective International Movers

Factors to Look for When Choosing a Removal Company


Lopa Removals is an international movers company which has a highly trained and equipped staff that helps clients such as you move at a very competitive price since they do not charge any hidden charges. Below are some of Lapa Removals services and the reason why you should seek their services.

Full Packing Services

The company does understand that you might be held up somewhere or busy to pack your goods and that why they offer packing services, all you need to do is organize the crew on how you would want it done. One thing you can be sure of is that packing will be done in a very professional manner within no time hence saving you all the trouble.

Carefully Disassembly and Reassembly

This service is very helpful especially when you are moving things such as wardrobes, beds, and tables. After the furnitures are disabled, they are then covered with a fun soft cover or plastic covers to keep them from dust. On reaching your new location the same Lopa Removal crew will reassemble your furniture and within no hours you can start using them.

External Lift

Complicated access, for example, a narrow staircase can be very problematic when moving large goods, the good news is that Lopa Removals have a solution to the problem where they arrange external lifts that ensure your goods are not damaged and less effort and time is used. The company usually provide this service in most cities in Europe which includes Amsterdam Berlin, London, and Brussels

Adequate Protection for Sofas and Matresses

Safety and cleanliness of your furnitures is one thing Lopa Removals do not gamble with and that is why they usually make sure your sofa and mattresses are properly covered using plastic covers. The products that cannot be wrapped with wooly blankets, for instance, fragile costly items they pack them in a custom made wooden crates which are very secure. Learn ore about removals to France come check our site.